Price List

Price List

Payments via PayPal @iosuzara

Use the web form to message me which service and send payment. I will reply via email.


Graphics Arts

Design and layout based on project budget and hours $

[brochures, flyers, book covers, packaging, cards, sketches, logos, etc.]

Assemble designer furniture $25 hour minimum 2 hour visit SF Bay Area


Couplet lines for occasions $5

Note: not including commercial publishing rights.

Legal research and documents $100 start

Buy my modern sonnet books at


Tarot card reading 3 cards past, present, future $10

Tarot card 1 card yes or no $1

Pendulum yes or no $1

Magic wand to attract or repel something $10

Tuning fork per intention remotely $10

Prayer per intention $10

Ouija board session ten questions per full page $100/half page $50

Feng Shui [compass, square] reading $100

Note: no guarantee of effectiveness in achieving goal instantly nor within months. It might be worth buying your own tools and trying them directly on  yourself as well.


Private event for adults, planning theme and decor, basic $100 start

Public event planning, $ budget and size

Brand Ambassador on Instagram
Depends on code percentage commission and discount agreed on, base monthly salary $ negotiable; discount code for customers applies to total all items before payment

[photos, postings, stories, videos, reels etc on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube]

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