POETRY and PROSE Creative Writing 11 was a secondary high school introduction course at John Oliver Secondary. It was probably a mind opener in literary freedom, breaking from the traditional school essays and reports into poetic non-grammatical forms. English was my favorite subject anyway, even in the Enrichment program from Grade 8 to 10 at Vancouver Technical Secondary where I collaborated on a theater play. I have many modern sonnets in vanity press print books available for sale online at Lulu.com. I love the rhyme sound endings of poetic lines.

LEGALESE My father was a lawyer in Philippines whose main interest was politics and government. We emigrated out to escape martial law and immigrated into Canada then America. Some of us attained these three citizenships. Father hired me as his personal secretary when we returned to Philippines and he started a legal technical advice business; we worked on the dual citizenship law behind the politicians. I graduated from another college program Legal Secretary / Microprocessing Operator at CDI Career Development Institute of Business and Technology. Law and order in society is very important for peace and progress and should really be taught free in schools. Laws are also applicable to personal and professional relationships in civil and criminal petitions and lawsuits.

PROPOSALS AND REPORTS Sometimes when I am seriously interested in entering a company, especially a startup, I have taken extra time and effort to research and draft project proposals. These attempts are my way of expressing ideas, which may or may not be successful commercially, but would allow myself to be in a position of more control and decision. As for writing brief business or monthly financial reports, I managed to experience two years as the Administrator/ Accounts Receivable in an engineering design company working on residential and commercial condominiums, wherein accuracy was down to the penny.

DESKTOP PUBLISHING and PRINTING Documents and forms are used in many fields and industries. Studying the Computer Graphics Technician program at City Center college, I learned to design and layout: brochures, flyers, business cards, logos, reports; the Legal Secretary Microprocessing Operator program taught me legal documents and correspondence for various types of law matters. I also had two years working at the University of Toronto Press Print shop doing data entry for financial reports and binding university books.