ENERGY The spirit is made of electric magnetic energy connecting the soul to the body. Occult knowledge involves the spiritual and sometimes religious beliefs and truths about our being, environment and relationships. Good and evil intentions might be linked to positive and negative energy to manifest from thought, action to reality.

SIXTH SENSE Telepathy and inner voices, psychic predicting of future, third eye past karmic lives, ghosts and supernatural phenomena —- these experiences require sensitivity beyond our five physical senses of sight, smell, sound, taste and touch —- the spiritual sixth sense. Awareness of our own spirituality will allow us to be more conscious of the unknown invisible, inaudible, impalpable side of living.

TUNING FORK I learned about the biofield from Eileen Mckusick who uses the tuning fork, intention and vibrational sound frequencies to heal people from spiritual trauma linked to physical ailments. I have a miniature tuning fork 440 hertz bought at a music store, plus a bigger one 444 hertz and a set of solfeggio frequency forks. These forks have helped me increase awareness and alertness even replacing my coffee addiction at times, and with minor pain in limbs. I use it on mother and she thinks it helps her too from muscle and nerve pain.

TAROT CARDS These visual graphic cards have meaning linking subconscious to conscious. The cards selected seem to offer the diviner and querent insight on the matter queried. There are many card designs and reading spreads. A reading can influence the querent’s decision on specific questions and problems.

FENG SHUI Function in a room and arrangement of furniture in a living space should be optimized for the energy chi flow. This should make the living environment and individuals be satisfied and happier when done correctly. The magnetic north compass direction attracts energy chi, so its location in your space if done with the magic square layout or the interior room function, is very important. When done wrong, it can cause misery and bad luck.

OUIJA BOARD This alphabet board is amazing when it moves using the person or group energy to answer questions. Often the words spelled are encrypted in English American language, thus need interpretation. Some theories explain that the movement is caused by the players energy in communication with ghosts or guide spirits in the afterlife or just thoughts from the collective subconscious. Father told me that in college they played it and it told him his wife’s name, which came true!

PENDULUM Swinging a certain direction means yes or no. It is supposed to be useful for answering simple questions.

ASTROLOGY The stars effect on personality and destiny is an ancient practice associated with events. Three wise men saw a star and predicted the birth of Jesus so they travelled to give gifts to the Prophet of Christianity. In Islam, the new and crescent moon start Ramadan the ninth month for fasting and end in another new and crescent moon with Eid Al Fitr feasting on Shawwal the tenth month. Birth charts are specific to the individual by date, time and location of planets. There are twelve zodiac signs with personalities based on solar calendar. I am a Pisces Fish.

NUMEROLOGY This is another ancient practice full of superstition and beliefs. People gamble and bet in casinos and lotteries with their lucky numbers. There are twelve signs based on the date and time of birth in the lunar calendar. I am a wood Snake.

OBJECTS Things can retain energy both beneficial or detrimental. Cleaning, cleansing and clearing used objects is recommended so that fresh energy can attach. Clothes, jewelry, utensils, decor, furniture eventually show the markings of usage and the retention of energy aura of wearers. Some objects can be intentionally magnetized to protect the wearer and even improve health and strength!

SCENTS Incense, candles and oils have a variety of scents which can be aromatherapy making one more relaxed. Some add spells to oils and use candles for rituals. Perfume and sprays can also enhance the air and room. However call centers I worked in often banned scents because of employees with allergies.

MAGIC WAND Golden Dawn Order was a secret magic organization that started in England. I bought an outer wand of double power from one of their branches in America. The black end repels and the white attracts whatever the bearer wishes.

SUPERSTITION A few strange superstitions that manifested in my life: I have found an old horse shoe on vacation which is supposed to be lucky in the Western world; I found a four/five leaf clover among three leaf shamrock clovers, a lucky rare occurrence for Irish; I saw and video recorded several UFOs, flying saucer space ships outside an apartment on the 15th floor. These experiences made me a believer in superstition but I am still waiting for my wealth fortune to enter my life…

OTHER PSYCHICS Online psychics exist offering various occult and magic advice and spells. A few whom I consult with are: Bethea, Maria, Esmeralda, Isha, Padre, Cristin, Roxanne and Abram. I usually ask for a discount by email when I need help at the spiritual, electric, magnetic level for a positive energy and result with a problem and project.